President's Message

Jason Ray

January 2020

I've only presided over one meeting as the President of EFWBA but I think I may have experienced the best, most stressful, pre-meeting question: Will we have enough seats for everyone?!?! (the answer: yes, barely!)

We are very appreciative of Mayor Price making the EFWBA meeting one of her very first stops of the year for the last several years. She brought us great information on a wide range of topics – from the importance of affordable, quality childcare to the city's new Diversity and Inclusion Officer to conversations with TXDoT regarding homeless encampments in TXDoT's right-of-way. Our monthly programs represent an important expression of the purposes of the EFWBA. The EFWBA's purposes act a guide for directing the organization:

  1. Providing a regular forum on topics related to the growth and development of East Fort Worth;
  2. Encouraging the creation of new jobs and working to attract and retain local businesses;
  3. Develop, advertise, and promote the economics and business climate of East Fort Worth;
  4. Be a voice for the advancement, development, and improvement of the physical infrastructure of East Fort Worth through effective collaboration with municipal, county, state, and Federal agencies; and
  5. Reviewing and critiquing issues of interest to the East Fort Worth business community, as well as the community at large.

The Board of EFWBA welcomes your input on opportunities to fulfill our purposes. Together we will use our influence to strengthen our community and position our businesses for success.

See you on February 6! Please bring a guest and see if you can make me wonder again if we have enough seats!

February 6, 2020

Texas Wesleyan University  logo

Alyssa Hutchinson is a senior Biology & Psychology undergraduate at Texas Wesleyan University. She has served two terms as Student Government President, is co-captain of the university's cheer team, and founded the American Association of University Women: Texas Wesleyan Chapter. She is passionate about conservation, completing two summers of research on an endemic plant species, Silphium albiflorum, advocating for climate action, and working alongside other students, faculty and staff to reshape waste management at Texas Wesleyan's campus. After college, she plans to either continue her education in graduate school or devote her time to conservation work.

BRIT logo

BRIT: Plant to planet.®

We're the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, an international scientific research and learning center focused on conservation and knowledge sharing. BRIT along with the Student Government and the Biology Department at Texas Wesleyan University are spearheading an efort to celebrate Earth Day at Tandy Hills, with a clean-up of the 160-acre natural area, followed by an afternoon thru evening festival to celebrate the community and nature.

Learn more about us:

You are Invited!

We invite every business owner, professional person, firm, corporation or non-profit organization, to join us for our monthly meetings where you will meet other business owners, individuals and city officials that influence our lives.

The mission is still the same today for this long-lived organization. It was founded in 1974 as a 501(c)4 so that it could be involved in non-partisan political issues. Working with the neighborhoods and Fort Worth City Government offices for the betterment of East Fort Worth sometimes leads to involvement in the political arena.

Monthly Meetings

Meetings at
3900 Meadowbrook Drive
Fort Worth 76103
– Fellowship Hall –
at North end of church complex, closest to Meadowbrook Dr.

Doors Open 11:30, meeting at 11:45 a.m.

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mexican inn cafe logo

and East Fort Worth Business Association Partnership

 original location

When the original Mexican Inn building on East Lancaster began sliding down the hill in the back, Chris Carrol, owner of the Mexican Inns and Spring Creek Barbeque restaurants, made a wonderful decision for East Fort Worth. He would build a new facility on the same property after demolishing the old building.

My son Jim and I owned and published the Greater Meadowbrook News at the time, and Jim decided we had to have an interview and pictures before the demolition took place. Those of us who have been here for some time loved the beautiful old tiles and atmosphere of the original building and Jim wanted to preserve as much as we could.

Chris Carroll was delighted to meet with Jim and the pictures were made and the history shared.

big money check

When the new building was completed and a grand opening date was decided on, Becky Carroll came to our Oakland office to determine how we could form a partnership for the good of East Fort Worth. Becky and I decided on a Spirit Night where East Fort Worth Business Association would get the people there and Mexican Inn would share the proceeds from the evening with us. That was in April of 2006 and we have been partnering twice a year since. No restrictions were put on the use of those dollars. The partnership has meant $28,000 over the years which East Fort Worth Business Association has used mostly for educational projects!

East Fort Worth Business Association has been an organization involved with economic and neighborhood issues for more than 45 years. We advocate for local businesses and support the neighborhoods in quality of life issues. Our focus in the past few years has been to make East Fort Worth an "Education Destination". We give student monetary gifts to help with school necessities, and we have bought books for nine elementary schools which feed into Eastern Hills High School.

Our partnership with Mexican Inn, thanks to Jim Conlin, has been strong and fruitful for East Fort Worth Business Association and for Mexican Inn. Check the photographs on the wall at the East Lancaster location for examples of Jim's work.


January 2020:
Lunch with Mayor Betsy Price

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