July 2 Guest Speaker

Robert Sturns

Robert Sturns

Robert Sturns last visited EFWBA in October 2017, and the City has changed/grown since then! The 18 month plan was on track until Covid-19 hit us in March, and forced a city-wide shut down of businesses.

Fort Worth embarked on its first economic development strategic plan, aimed at enhancing the city's status in the region and nation over the next five years and beyond. Fort Worth has worked with TIP Strategies to develop the city's first economic development Strategic Plan. The plan will provide a roadmap for the next five years and will outline ways that we can enhance the city's status in the region and nation.

A major component of the City of Fort Worth Economic Development Department is to identify resources and growth opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Office of Small Business and Office of Business Diversity are divisions of the City of Fort Worth Economic Development department and help build upon that mission.


To compete successfully on the national and international stage for creative, high growth businesses and the talented individuals who fuel them.


Establish Fort Worth's competitive edge. Become a hub for creative businesses. Ensure community vitality.

Sturns was named economic development director for the City of Fort Worth in 2016 after serving as interim director for a year, after the previous director was named assistant city manager in July 2015.

With more than 20 years of leadership roles in municipal government, commercial real estate and banking operations, and prior Military service, from 1990-2001 as Captain, U.S. Army Reserves, Sturns has been with the City of Fort Worth for more than 16 years collectively. In addition to his work in economic development for Fort Worth, Sturns was previously Economic Development Manager for the City of Arlington, and held leadership roles with Bank One and Fort Worth Town Center.

He is a Certified Economic Development Finance Professional through the National Development Council. Sturns attended Eastern Hills High School, 1985; he earned his BA in Radio/TV at Stephen F. Austin, 1990; and his MBA from TCU, 1997. In between, he served as Captain, U.S. Army Reserve from 1990-2001. – Fort Worth, Texas.

Obviously, all in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice. We are meeting using Zoom.


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During the Covid emergency, Zoom meetings have unlimited time! (Free Account meetings are normally limited to 40 minutes each.)

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Zoom meetings are fun and easy, and allows multiple people to be in on a conversation.

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Wanda Conlin & Don Boren donate ten thousand dollars for Art Project at new Reby Cary Library

ten thousand dollar check

Kelly Allen Gray, Council District 8, accepts the ten thousand dollar check from Wanda Conlin (Greater Meadowbrook News publisher) and Don Boren (Handley Kwik Kopy) for the Public Art Project at the new Reby Cary Youth Library.

Southeast Connector Project

Attached are the links to the 3D flyovers showing the concepts of what the Southeast connector project looks like when constructed.

Here are the links to the three parts of project:



US 287

Public hearing link to watch recording

Also here is the link to the TxDot project website for more information


How many businesses will be displaced or impacted in a manner that would prevent them from continuing to operate (loss of parking or access)?

There are 19 commercial properties that would be displaced.

These commercial displacements do not double as community facilities. No community facilities would be displaced.

1. Anglin Food Store/Conoco at 4724 SE Loop 820, Forest Hill, TX 76119 (tank hold and parking displacements). Full displacement.

2. Property No. 10: Warehouse-Storage at 5111 California Pkwy E, Forest Hill, TX 76119 (Access). Full displacement.

3. Property No. 14: 820 Jeep Parts at 6624 Oak Crest Dr W, Forest Hill, TX 76119 (Building). Full displacement.

4. Property No. 15: TEXACO Fort Worth at 5317 Mansfield Hwy, Fort Worth, TX 76119 (tank hold and parking displacements). Full displacement.

5. Property No. 16: Warehouse and office space at 5700 E Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76119 (building and parking Community Impacts Assessment Technical Report Form Standard TxDOT Environmental Affairs Division Effective Date: September 2015 Version 1 710.01.DS Page 12 of 31 Reset Form displacements). Full displacement.

6. Property No. 17: Sun Valley Suites (Office) at 5600 E Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76119 (building and parking displacements). Full displacement.

7. Property No. 18: Mills Uniform Company at 5460 E Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76119 (building and parking displacements). Full displacement.

8. Property No. 19: Economy Inn at 5420 E Loop 820 S, Forest Hill, TX 76119 (office building displacement). Full displacement.

9. Property No. 20: Setra Coach at 4900 E Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76119 (building and parking displacements). Full displacement.

10. Property No. 22: Builders Sales and Service at 2201 E Loop 820 S, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (building displacement). Full displacement.

11. Property No. 23: Texaco gas station at 6101 E Rosedale St, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (parking and island pump displacements). Full displacement.

12. Property No. 24: Lobo's Tire Shop at 6200 Fort Worth Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (building displacement). Full displacement.

13. Property No. 25: The Chevy Shop at 3202 Fort Worth Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (building displacement). Full displacement.

14. Property No. 26: Smith's Auto World at 6204 Fort Worth Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (building and parking displacements). Full displacement.

15. Property No. 27: Oncor Transmission Land at 6101 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (two transmission towers displacements). Full displacement.

16. Property No. 28: West Auto Sales at 6153 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (parking displacement). Full displacement.

17. Property Nos. 40 and 41: Meadow Shopping Center (Pizza Hut and Ace Cash Express) at 6318 Meadowbrook Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (building and parking displacements). Full displacement.

18. Property No. 42: Taco Bell at 6162 Meadowbrook Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76112 (building and parking displacements). Full displacement.

displaced businesses map

Businesses that will be "fully displaced" by the new construction.

You are Invited!

We invite every business owner, professional person, firm, corporation or non-profit organization, to join us for our monthly meetings where you will meet other business owners, individuals and city officials that influence our lives.

The mission is still the same today for this long-lived organization. It was founded in 1974 as a 501(c)4 so that it could be involved in non-partisan political issues. Working with the neighborhoods and Fort Worth City Government offices for the betterment of East Fort Worth sometimes leads to involvement in the political arena.

Monthly Meetings

July 2 meeting will be held online, using Zoom software. Please follow the instructions on the left of this page to download and install Zoom on your phone or tablet, so you can participate in the meeting.

If your computer does NOT have a camera, you can still listen in and see everyone else, and your name will show in your "hollywood square". This is where the Chat function really becomes helpful.

Call Kat if you need help!

In normal times, we meet at
3900 Meadowbrook Drive
Fort Worth 76103
– Fellowship Hall –
at North end of church complex, closest to Meadowbrook Dr.

Doors Open 11:30, meeting at 11:45 a.m.

If you're a Fort Worth business owner, take Fort Worth Economic Development's latest business survey. Your feedback can help determine different ways that the city can support local businesses and entrepreneurs in the coming months.

Take the survey now: SURVEY


FWISD Projects Update

Tobi Jackson

The FWISD bond is updated on the website as work progresses. We are 10%+ ahead at EHHS and the other high schools are progressing ahead of schedule too. The reason is no employees, community members or students on the campus. We are also saving money, which is superb. So this is one positive of COVID.

Poly HS is in the cue and will have progress posted on line soon. Here are the photos via the link.


EHHS is moving along nicely:

Eastern Hills High School Update at 15% completion.

I walk the EHHS site one-two times daily. The front green pillars and red tile have been fully removed, the interior beige subway type wall tile is gone, the library is on it's way to science labs and a SPED area. The fitness center is being revamped and a beautiful field house is being added. Most importantly we opened up the old Shelton Street behind the softball field and have controlled access to allow traffic flow or lock down the property. Further, we are placing the women's batting cage due east of the softball field and directly adjacent. We have also repaired the third base line challenges with water drainage and uneven turf which has been a constant safety concern. The foundations are poured for: women's softball batting cage, new north building which will contain the library, art and more science labs, the fitness center and field house. We also have access entirely through the campus, as we removed the ballisters which fully prevented and eliminated a drive thru and posed a serious hazard for 911 calls, due to no access. The road which separates the fitness center and the softball field has been reopened. This was a goal of mine during the 2013 bond, however, the principal wanted to close the road. A consensus of administrators, students and employees on the campus wanted the road open and we've finally opened it.

While I am excited about the project, it is also wonderful to see the most professional bond site in FWISD history. The perimeter is guarded by a fence which has a blue windscreen to prevent sand and dust, but, also provide a nicer aesthetic.

As this is a board approved project, employees other than the principal, trustees and bond team are not generally updated on a regular basis. As I am intimately involved with this and POLY HS, I wanted to send you some detailed information. Mr. Stoney Crump is managing the site and has kept it pristene. The Contractor is Cadence McShane and this team has exhibited pride in their work and are working long 10-15 hour days many more days than not. Finally, the VLK design is exceptional and our school will be a crown jewel in East Fort Worth.

Tobi Jackson, M.S.
FWISD Board Trustee, District 2
2108 Yosemite Court
Fort Worth, TX 76112-3945
817-296-7721 cell

June 4 Guest Speaker

Carlo Capua

Carlo Capua is co-owner of Z's Café, a social enterprise catering business based in Fort Worth, Texas. Over the past 11 years, Z's Café has put 138 low-income men and women back to work, helping build self-esteem and job skills.

Carlo Capua

In 2017, Z's Cafe won Fort Worth's "Small Business of the Year." He also co-owns a new venture called Locavore, considered "the AirBnB of commercial kitchens", where food entrepreneurs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can rent full-scale commercial kitchens by the hour to reduce risk while the grow their businesses.

Carlo graduated from Texas Christian University in 2000 and spent 7 years teaching English in Latin America and Asia. He has completed 18 marathons (including one in North Korea), and speaks fluent Spanish and Japanese.

In May 2019 he was named the Businessman of the Year by the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Carlo gave us a brief description of how he used his Restaurant & Food knowledge and staff to provide boxes of food and prepared meals to front line workers and low income families that traditionally depend on the schools to provide meals for their children.

His slide show is below.

If the movie function does not work on your browswer/device, here is a PDF of the slides show.

Thank you for the Door Prizes!

We want to thank these members for their Door Prize donations:

mexican inn cafe logo

and East Fort Worth Business Association Partnership

 original location

When the original Mexican Inn building on East Lancaster began sliding down the hill in the back, Chris Carrol, owner of the Mexican Inns and Spring Creek Barbeque restaurants, made a wonderful decision for East Fort Worth. He would build a new facility on the same property after demolishing the old building.

My son Jim and I owned and published the Greater Meadowbrook News at the time, and Jim decided we had to have an interview and pictures before the demolition took place. Those of us who have been here for some time loved the beautiful old tiles and atmosphere of the original building and Jim wanted to preserve as much as we could.

Chris Carroll was delighted to meet with Jim and the pictures were made and the history shared.

big money check

When the new building was completed and a grand opening date was decided on, Becky Carroll came to our Oakland office to determine how we could form a partnership for the good of East Fort Worth. Becky and I decided on a Spirit Night where East Fort Worth Business Association would get the people there and Mexican Inn would share the proceeds from the evening with us. That was in April of 2006 and we have been partnering twice a year since. No restrictions were put on the use of those dollars. The partnership has meant $28,000 over the years which East Fort Worth Business Association has used mostly for educational projects!

East Fort Worth Business Association has been an organization involved with economic and neighborhood issues for more than 45 years. We advocate for local businesses and support the neighborhoods in quality of life issues. Our focus in the past few years has been to make East Fort Worth an "Education Destination". We give student monetary gifts to help with school necessities, and we have bought books for nine elementary schools which feed into Eastern Hills High School.

Our partnership with Mexican Inn, thanks to Jim Conlin, has been strong and fruitful for East Fort Worth Business Association and for Mexican Inn. Check the photographs on the wall at the East Lancaster location for examples of Jim's work.