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Planning & Development Director

Randle Harwood

The Planning and Development Department seeks to make Fort Worth the most livable city in Texas by promoting orderly growth and development, safe construction and neighborhood vitality.

Randle has depth of experience within the City in several key positions. Randle has been the Planning and Development Department Director since Nov. 2010. His prior City jobs include Program Management Director for twor years 2008–2010, Trinity River Vision Director for 2 years, 2006–2008, and he was Acting Parks and Community Service Director for 3 years, 2003–2006.

Randle's educational background for these various City positions include his MLA Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1989 and his undergrad work at University of Guelph, where he earned his BLA, Landscape Architecture in 1987.


We invite every business owner, professional person, firm, corporation or non-profit organization, to join us for our monthly meetings where you will meet other business owners, individuals and city officials that influence our lives.

Our meetings presentations cover events and politics affecting the business environment. We provide civic and community information, plans for development of new businesses, roads, trade areas, recreational areas and Educational projects of vital interest to East Fort Worth.

EFWBA advocates for the advancement, development, and improvement of the infra-structure of East Fort Worth (this includes street design, zoning, landscaping, and beautification projects), reviewing and critiqueing issues and projects of interest to business and community of East Fort Worth.

The mission is still the same today for this long-lived organization. It was founded in 1974 as a 501(c)4 so that it could be involved in non-partisan political issues. Working with the neighborhoods and Fort Worth City Government offices for the betterment of East Fort Worth sometimes leads to involvement in the political arena.

Education is Good Business

Book Fund

Book Fund



3900 Meadowbrook Drive
Fort Worth 76103

– Fellowship Hall –

at North end of church complex,
closest to Meadowbrook Dr.

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Remembering Tony Blauvelt


The Heart of the Eastside, and EFWBA Past-President Tony Blauvelt, passed away suddenly Sunday, January 6, 2019.

Tony retired from his Edward Jones Financial Advisor position several years ago, leaving the company in the excellent hands of his business partner nephew, Charlie Blauvelt.

In his retirement,Tony traveled and became even more involved in the various service organizations here on the Eastside: Handley Meadowbrook Lions Club, East Fort Worth Business Association, Breakfast Optimists Club, Sunshine Rotary Club, and his beloved church, Fielder Road Baptist Church. (And probably a few more I dont know about!)

 After graduating college, he worked in Las Vegas for several years and enjoyed his frequent visits each year to play blackjack. He always claimed he never lost money in LV and had a system that was foolproof. He always joked that he could eat anything he wanted, whenever he wanted, and would never gain a pound.

Tony, a past-president and active board member, was "THE MAN" at the Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club for getting the most number of disabled children to attend the week long Lion's Camp in Kerrville, Texas. His efforts has made the HM Lions Club Number One in the State for children sponsored, no small feat in a state this size. He helped conduct the weekly meetings at the Lions Club. Tony was chief cheerleader for the annual Lion's club Chili Supper and Community Auction. A fellow Lion member stated that "Tony spent a million dollars helping thousands of children attend Lion's camp each summer."

Tony was very active in the East Fort Worth Business Association. He was a Past-President of the club, and at every meeting, he personally greeted every guest with his big smile and firm handshake, and newcomers were instantly friends.

He sponsored a table for 8 every year at the EFWBA Outstanding Awards & Scholarship Banquet, and was a Major Sponsor in the club's activities to enhance Education on the Eastside, for Scholarships and school library books.

Tony was a past-president of the Breakfast Optimist Club of East Fort Worth and regularly attended the group's weekly 7 a.m. breakfast meetings at Dixie House Cafe. He actively participated in all the Club's activities, including the patriotic flag distribution program on five flag holidays each year.

The Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club, meets every Friday at 6:45am and Tony was there to work.

Pastor Jerry Morris at Fielder Road Baptist Church, who will be conducting the funeral service, said "Tony was a faithful servant, there every Sunday to welcome visitors and members, and he was always smiling." Tony was an active member of his Seniors Sunday School group and he started a breakfast club for men that met at the Rise & Shine Diner at 6:30am the first Sunday of every month.

You look at this brief summary of his life, and you wonder, when did he sleep?

Tony had a true Servant's heart and will be dearly missed in all the organizations he was a member of, as he touched so many lives for the better.

Our deepest condolences to his family and business family.

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