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May 3

David Creek

Assistant Director
FW Parks & Recreation

David Creek is the Assistant Director Park & Recreation Department for the City of Fort Worth. As Assistant Director, Park and Recreation Department David is Responsible for the management and administration of the City of Fort Worth Park & Recreation Department’s Planning and Resource Management Division, which includes 66 positions within the Forestry, Trades Infrastructure, Planning, and Park Planning sections and a total operating budget of $5.3 million.

David has been in several positions within the city. From April 2009 – March 2010, he was Acting Assistant Director, Parks and Community Services Department. Before that he was Park Planning Superintendent. He was previously Acting Planning Manager, Acting Planning Resource Management Superintendent, and Senior Landscape Architect.

David’s Professional affiliations include Registered Landscape Architect, Texas #1905, and serving on the City of Fort Worth MWBE Advisory Committee.

David can be reached at:

We invite every business owner, professional person, firm, corporation or non-profit organization, to join us for our monthly meetings. Meet other business owners, individuals and city officials that influence our daily lives.

Our meetings present timely discussions on events and politics affecting the business environment. We provide civic and community information, plans for development of new roads, trade areas, recreational areas and projects of vital interest to East Fort Worth.

The East Fort Worth Business Association was founded in 1974 for the purpose of being a lobbying group to address issues vital to the economic development of East Fort Worth. The first task for this group was to see that the toll charges were taken off the I-30 corridor, which was called the Turnpike. This important route to the east was built with the promise to the citizens that the tolls would be removed when the roadway was paid for. Being successful in this attempt didn’t stop the organization from continuing their efforts to fulfill their mission of:“Providing a monthly forum on topics related to the growth and development of East Fort Worth, development, implementation, and advertising the economics of East Fort Worth, advocating for the advancement, development, and improvement of the infra-structure of East Fort Worth (this includes street design, zoning, landscaping, and beautification projects), reviewing and critiqueing issues and projects of interest to business and community of East Fort Worth.”

The mission is still the same today for this long-time organization. It was founded as a 501(c)4 so that it could be involved in non-partisan political issues. Working with the neighborhoods and Fort Worth City Government offices for the betterment of East Fort Worth sometimes leads to involvement in the political arena.

Smokey's Barbeque

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