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Sept 6 Meeting:
ISD Superintendent
Dr. Kent Scribner

Fort Worth is now the 16th largest city in the country. The FWISD served more than 87,000 students and 11,000 employees last year.

Dr. Kent Scribner has been improving the quality of education the district provides and organizing the staff to better serve the community (and use taxpayer money wisely).

With more than 86,000 students in 83 elementary schools, 29 middle schools and 6th grade centers, 18 high schools and 16 other campuses, Fort Worth ISD enjoys a diverse student population and strong community partnerships. Under the leadership of the superintendent and the Board of Education, the District is undergoing a series of initiatives that will redesign, transform, and revitalize Fort Worth ISD Schools.

Dr. Scribner stays out in front of the students and staff. He produces video messages each month, visits the schools, stars in some fun videos.

In a joint message Scribner released with Mayor Betsy Price, they state:  “For too long, the Fort Worth business community and civic leaders have been disconnected from our public schools. Now the greater community has an opportunity to step up and get involved to support the tireless work being done by FWISD educators.

That is why we launched the Fort Worth Literacy Partnership with one goal: 100 percent of third-graders reading on grade level by 2025.”

“As your superintendent, I know we cannot do this alone. This cradle-to-career strategy will put our FWTX 100 x 25 Initiative front and center and align the resources of the Fort Worth ISD with the city’s business sector, city leaders, higher education, non-profit organizations, the faith-based community, as well as educators and parents.”

East Fort Worth Business Association has been actively involved with our local schools for many years. We have purchased more books to donate to our area school libraries. We will buy books for the new Children’s Library, too, when the time comes.

We invite every business owner, professional person, firm, corporation or non-profit organization, to join us for our monthly meetings. Meet other business owners, individuals and city officials that influence our daily lives.

Our meetings present timely discussions on events and politics affecting the business environment. We provide civic and community information, plans for development of new roads, trade areas, recreational areas and projects of vital interest to East Fort Worth.

The East Fort Worth Business Association was founded in 1974 for the purpose of being a lobbying group to address issues vital to the economic development of East Fort Worth. The first task for this group was to see that the toll charges were taken off the I-30 corridor, which was called the Turnpike. This important route to the east was built with the promise to the citizens that the tolls would be removed when the roadway was paid for. Being successful in this attempt didn’t stop the organization from continuing their efforts to fulfill their mission of:“Providing a monthly forum on topics related to the growth and development of East Fort Worth, development, implementation, and advertising the economics of East Fort Worth, advocating for the advancement, development, and improvement of the infra-structure of East Fort Worth (this includes street design, zoning, landscaping, and beautification projects), reviewing and critiqueing issues and projects of interest to business and community of East Fort Worth.”

The mission is still the same today for this long-time organization. It was founded as a 501(c)4 so that it could be involved in non-partisan political issues. Working with the neighborhoods and Fort Worth City Government offices for the betterment of East Fort Worth sometimes leads to involvement in the political arena.

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Thursday,  Nov. 8

This year the Banquet and Scholarships and  Awards event is Thursday,  Nov. 8 at the Downtown Sheraton Fort Worth.

Sponsorship letters are going out in the mail, but if you want to be the first to dontate, you can do so online. Just click the button below, use your credit card to make your corporate/personal donation.

Donate to the
2018 Scholarship Fund!

Scholarships Donations

Mark your Calendar & Save the Date
EFWBA Outstanding Awards & Scholarship Banquet

Thursday, November 8

Each November the EFWBA Community and Schools Awards Banquet and networking event features live music and dinner to honor outstanding businesses, organizations, citizens, and – most importantly – educators and students in East Fort Worth. This year the event is Nov. 8 at the Downtown Sheraton Fort Worth.

East Fort Worth Business Association continues to provide scholarships and financial assistance that makes higher education more accessible for some of our talented, ambitious and dedicated East Fort Worth high school seniors – such as:

 • A first-generation college-bound young lady whose family immigrated to Texas from Africa to pursue the “American Dream.” Her destination: Rice University. Her use for the EFWBA funds: to purchase her first laptop to keep up with her rigorous studies.

 • The young man from a single-parent household accepted into Texas A&M University. His goals: to pursue a degree in criminal justice and apply to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His use for the funds: to pay for his freshman year books.

 • The young lady who lost her brother to a car accident her junior year, immediately followed by the loss of her mother to cancer. Her goals: overcome her devastating personal setbacks to graduate, followed by achieving her dream to attend college.

Nominations for our awards for Outstanding Business, Woman, Man and Organizations of the year are still being accepted by the committee.

Banquet Tickets will be on sale at the October meeting. We hope you will invite guests and make this a night to remember for these students and their families.

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