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Tom Young President 2016–2017

Meetings: Every Wednesday at 11:45 a.m.


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The Lion's Club thanks you for your continued support.  We are proud to have served the community for over 72 years. HMLC is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.


Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club was thrilled to host Rear Admiral Rebecca McCormick-Boyle, Commander, Navy Medicine Education and Training Command as their special guest speaker on Wednesday, October 25.

She brought several other Navy officers to mingle with the guests and answer questions about the Navy.



Lions also provided display space for Richard Don Simms, a Navy man himself, and his photo album of his father's Navy service in World War II.

The Military Museum of Fort Worth, located at 2501 Rodeo Plaza, FW 76164, provided the display of Uniforms and other historical military gear.  learn more about this museum at www.militarymuseumfortworth.org.

Pancake Breakfast — Saturday September 30, 2017

Photos by Lloyd Jones Photography

Lions Campers Appreciation Luncheon

Recognizing all the campers sponsored by HMLC in 2017

To purchase individual, (not watermarked) prints of any photo taken, visit photographer Lloyd Jones' website: lloydjonesphotography.com

Summer 2017: Off to Camp!

Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club members were up at dark-thirty Sunday June 4, to greet and check-in the excited children who are attending a week of summer camp in Kerrville, Texas. Children and chapperones enjoyed a first class ride through the beautiful hill country of Texas on the Dan Dipert bus, compliments of the HMLC. Many of these children are repeat campers, and you can see how much they have grown in a year. (see last year's photos below.) A second busload will be headed down to camp in a few weeks.

If you know a child with a physical disability, including vision, hearing, diabetes, please contact Tony Blauvelt at the number above.

Early on Sunday morning, as in 5:30am early, Handley Meadowbrook Lions Club  members were set up to check in a bus load of very excited youngsters going away for a whole week of Lion's camp – designed just for special needs children. Janine Thomas, Carol Hughes, Tony Blauvelt, Willie Vercher, Dennis Stanley, Bill Cummings, David Majors, and John Smith were ready for the kids to start arriving! Tony Blauvelt said to recognize Chris Porter, who is "our favorite driver with Dan Dipert," was there to load suitcases, wheelchairs & gear and the children, and  drove us to Kerrville & back.

First to arrive before the sun rose, was Jessica, who came with her grandpa.  Jessica, 15, is deaf, this will be her 4th time to attend camp. She was super excited to go, as she missed camp last summer because she had surgery to get a Cochlear device and was still in the hospital recuperating.

Her favorite camp activity is Archery, and gym classes. Camp has taught her self-respect & helped her make new friends. In her session 2 years ago, there were about 10 other deaf teens, as well as a dozen younger campers who are deaf.

Delaney, age 9, was the last one to get checked in. From a distance, I thought she had on fun knee socks. Um, no, fun paint job legs. Up close, I saw she has dual hearing aides. Watching her walk toward the bus with her mom, I observed a little one with grit & determination to "stand on her own 2 legs."  At the entrance to the bus, the driver saw that she could not get up the stairs, so he just scooped her up to carry her on board. She was all smiles and ready to go!

This year, the parents and grandparents did good, not one of them was crying as the bus pulled out!

For more than 15 years, the Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club has hosted multiple fund raising events: chili suppers & auctions, fish frys, and more, all to raise money to sponsor children to attend a full week of camp, plus the bus rides to get them there and back.

The Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club has sponsored 819 children the past 15 years, which keeps the club ranked as Number 1 in the state! All of the 900 Lions Clubs in Texas sponsor  children for camp. Since 1953, more than 67,000 special needs children have attended Lions camp.

The Lion's camp is located in Kerrville, TX and is for children with health issues or physical disabilities. The Texas Lions Camp, now in it’s 62nd year, has the capacity to hold 250 campers at each weekly session. Participants (depending on their individual abilities), enjoy activities such as arts, crafts, music, drama, cookouts, hiking, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing and much more. There is one counselor for every two campers, plus the camp has a fully equipped infirmary and trained medical staff.

Special needs children, who may be blind, deaf, diabetics, mobility impaired, have prosthetic limbs, Down's syndrome and other developmental challenges, are all welcomed with cheers and high-fives when they arrive at the camp. The excitement these children have at reuniting with a favorite counselor, or a friend from another part of the state is obvious– from the big hugs to squeals of delight.

Camp graduates are so enthusiastic they often return in subsequent years, until they reach the maximum age limit. Quite a number of the camp counselors, now young adults in college, were once campers themselves! They lead by example, and the self confidence is instilled in the new youngsters, who return from camp more confident and mature.

If you are a parent of a child with illness or disabilities, the Lions are looking for YOU, and your child. The Lions Clubs invite you to call and learn how your physically disabled child (including vision/hearing impairment, diabetes or Down’s syndrome) might qualify for a free week of Summer Camp at the Texas Lions Camp.

The Lions work closely with schools, and other organizations to identify those children who might qualify to attend a fun-filled, challenging week at camp in Kerrville, in the heart of the beautiful Hill Country. Naturally, the Lions Clubs pay all expenses and even provide transportation.

Call Tony Blauvelt, Bus Chairman 817-261-7254, as soon as possible!  You’ll get answers to your questions and an application form to use to determine eligibility. The camping sessions begin in June, so it is important to start the application process NOW for next year!

2017 Chili Supper and Community Auction