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Manya Shorr

Fort Worth Library Director


On September 5, 2017, Manya Shorr began her position as the Fort Worth Library Director. Before becoming a part of the City of Fort Worth team, she was the Director of Public Services at the Washington, D.C. Public Library. There she managed all aspects of public service delivery and was responsible for the experience offered in 25 branches and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

She has extensive library experience, holding positions at Multnomah County Library, Omaha Public Library and Sacramento Public Library. Shorr holds a Masters of (Library) Science degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Oregon.

Shorr is excited to be a citizen of Fort Worth and a resident of the Ryan Place neighborhood. Besides her love of reading, Manya enjoys spending time with her husband, their 2 dogs, 3 cats and practicing yoga.

February Meeting

President's Message

We had a good crowd for the January meeting. The Mayor was her charming self and had an interesting update for us. She dealt with the “good, the bad, and the ugly”, which they got from the consultants working on the Economic Development report, some of which the city governors would have rather not heard.

Most disturbing is the fact that lots of people who live in Fort Worth go out of the city to work every day. This tells us that more needs to be done to market Fort Worth as more than a tourist destination. Molly does not bring high paying jobs and depends on a transient population which comes and goes. Maybe Molly needs to sprout wings in deference to our wonderful aviation industry. The Mayor recognized that we are not known in the world as anything other than a neighbor of Dallas. Price did not dwell on the parts of the study dealing with East Lancaster, but thanks to your President’s  insistence that we be included as one of the five areas of interest, we are a part of that emphasis.

Another topic discussed was the spotlight on reading for our children. We reminded her that the idea and execution of buying books for the school libraries came from East Fort Worth Business Association. We were the first to spend volunteer dollars on nine elementary school libraries which feed into Eastern Hills High School. Price apologized for her oversight in mentioning this.

Our memberships are up and we have a few dollars in our treasury for other needed projects to make East Fort Worth better.

We’re helping Haydn Cutler to gather signatures for an East Lancaster Avenue PID. If you are friends with any of the property owners along the corridor and would like to contact them about joining the Public Improvement District with a slight rise in tax dollars let me know. I have the list and can tell you who has signed so far and what we still need.

We have Brandon Bennett, who is the department head responsible for Code Enforcement, as our speaker this month. I’m sure everyone has complaints or questions for Brandon and we expect a good sized crowd.

In March we have the new librarian, Manya Schorr who will have updates on our East Lancaster library. For April we’re hoping to have an overview of real estate in East Fort Worth.

Brandon Scott Bennett,
Code Compliance Director


Brandon Graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with a Masters of Public Administration. He has worked for the City of Fort Worth since 2004.

The Code Compliance Department is made up of four broad area commands that include:

Code Enforcement including property maintenance, substandard buildings and residential zoning enforcement

Solid Waste including residential collections, drop off stations, household hazardous waste, illegal dumping & litter abatement and illegal dumping enforcement

Animal Care and Control

Environment and Health including restaurant/food health, commercial zoning enforcement, vectors/mosquitos and air, water and land pollution.

Mayor Betsy Price

Betsy Price, a Fort Worth native, was elected in 2011 as the 44th mayor of the City of Fort Worth. In 2017, Price was re-elected for her fourth two-year term.

Along with her focus on promoting jobs, strengthening education, fighting crime and improving mobility, Price has made significant strides along the path toward her vision of a healthy, engaged and fiscally responsible city.

Instead of sitting in cars, on the couch or in the office, Price believes in a community that naturally promotes physical activity throughout the day.

Under her leadership, Fort Worth has become a foremost cycling community, adding miles of new bike lanes and trails. Promoting pedestrian-friendly urban villages has also remained a staple of Price’s vision for rebuilding the city’s urban core. Moreover, she continues to push her long-term goal of linking neighborhoods and job centers with a comprehensive and convenient commuter rail system.

Price found several ways to promote grassroots government. Most notably, her Walking and Rolling Town Halls have broken the mold of that tired town hall meeting with a casual—and healthy—way for citizens to connect with city leaders. Price also understands the power of the Internet to bring communities together to seize opportunities and address challenges. In 2013, Price led the charge to launch, the city’s first 24/7 online public forum allowing citizens to share and vote on new ideas to improve their city.

President's Message

December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, was special for East Fort Worth Business Association. Forty plus members and guests gathered for our regular meeting at Smokey’s to hear from our guest speaker relate his experiences from another “day of infamy” in U. S. history.

Former Secretary of the Army, Pete Geren, was in the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 when it was struck by a terrorist plane. He was working for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield at the time and was in his office for a routine working day. His office was on the other end of the huge complex, but when the plane hit, the impact was feltthroughout the Pentagon. In the confusion that followed, Geren told us that when everyone was taking stock of who was where, they found Secretary Rumsfield at the impact scene helping load the wounded onto stretchers. When Rumsfield was asked if he had called his wife, his answer was “no” and when pressed to do so, Rumsfield told the questioners to call her themselves. Geren’s stories of 9/11/01 were sobering and a reminder that we don’t live in the same world we lived in before that date.

He complimented our organization on the work we have done to encourage students and for buying the books for the school libraries.

Bill Schwennsen made the announcements, and the good news is that one of our Outstanding Students had received a four year scholarship to Rice University, and that she would use our financial aid to outfit her dorm room.

There has been some positive movement on the effort to get a PID (Public Improvement District) for East Lancaster. There is still a long way to go, but some signatures have been collected from property owners who will tax themselves extra for improvements along the corridor.

January Meeting

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